Increasing Child Care Sustainability, Affordability & Supply in Detroit

First Children’s Finance is pleased to receive a new grant from the W.K Kellogg Foundation to address the sustainability, affordability and supply of early care and education in Detroit, Michigan. According to a study completed by IFF, there are 27,000 vulnerable children who are in need of quality early care and education in Detroit. The First Children’s Finance team in Michigan will create a 5-year strategic plan to identify strategies to increase the sustainability, affordability and supply of early care and education providers that serve low to moderate income children and their families. An Advisory Committee consisting of providers, funders and subject-matter experts in early care and education has been formed and is meeting through May 2017 to review data gathered from provider surveys and focus groups, research current business models and develop the plan.

There are several initiatives in Detroit that aim to increase access to quality care and education. First Children’s Finance is also a proud partner in the Hope Starts Here project. Hope Starts Here is a newly formed partnership between the Kellogg Foundation and the Kresge Foundation in Michigan where the focus will be on creating a community-wide system that will address the needs of children and families from 0-8 years old; preparing Detroit’s children for success in school and in life. For general information about the Hope Starts Here Project, go to #HopeBuilds or

For more information about First Children’s Finance and the new Advisory Committee, contact Kellie Boyd at

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