Mary T. Wellcome Center in North Minneapolis Completes Major Renovation

Established in 1929 as a program of the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center, the Mary T. Wellcome Child Development Center in North Minneapolis is one of the oldest continuously operating child care centers in the United States, and the oldest in Minnesota.

The Mary T. Wellcome Center has a longstanding relationship with First Children’s Finance.

In 2008, the Center was selected to participate in our Growth Fund Business Development Program. Caught between their mission to provide comprehensive quality programs in child development and family support for the diverse greater Minneapolis community and the need to balance their budget, Center staff developed a comprehensive business and facility-improvement plan.

Then, in 2011, the Center applied for and received a $400,000 loan from First Children’s Finance to finance a major renovation project, which was recently completed.

With financial and business-development support from First Children’s Finance, the Wellcome Center has increased their quality of care through achieving NAEYC accreditation, expanded and improved their facilities by creating new pre-school and infant classrooms, offices, restrooms, and meeting space, and ensured their sustainability in the community with the preservation of 65 much-needed child care slots for low- and middle-income children (70% of children enrolled at the Wellcome Center are low-income).

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