Neustro Mundo Bilingual Daycare, Minneapolis, MN

After years in the retail business, Luciana Carballo-Pierre decided it was the right time to open a child care. According to Carballo-Pierre, “I always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, and a change seemed to be a good idea. I’d been thinking about doing child care forever, and I always had wanted to be home with my kids.” She needed funding for working capital, remodeling and equipment, and she learned about the First Children’s Finance loan fund from a colleague at Resources for Child Care (RCC). With financing and grants from several sources, Nuestro Mundo (Our World) Bilingual Daycare opened in August 2008 and can serve up to ten children, ages six weeks to 11. Focusing on culturally specific care, Carballo-Pierre helps children develop their social, emotional and communication skills. Located in a neighborhood with a growing Hispanic population, Nuestro Mundo is an important resource for the young families who live in the area. Carballo-Pierre, who came to the U.S. from Argentina when she was 15, comments, “Without the loan from First Children’s Finance, it would have taken a long time to pay for everything. It helped us tremendously.” For more information about Nuestro Mundo Bilingual Daycare, call Luciana Carballo-Pierre at 612-205-5466 .

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