Finance for Child Care Centers

Few center directors and staff have mastered the business elements when they start caring for children but all can learn the fundamentals given the right tools and resources. The time you spend on the business side of your center will be rewarded in a stronger foundation that supports your program goals.

Although your center is ultimately about people—the children and families your serve—it would be impossible to provide quality care without the financial resources to hire qualified teachers, aides and other staff that make your center successful.

Understanding the financial realities of your center will help you:

  • know when your center is bringing in sufficient revenue to pay all the expenses;
  • project which months during the year cash is tightest;
  • understand if there will be cash available to improve the playground surface and when; and
  • have confidence that you will be equipped with the necessary information to make decisions about your center’s future.

Learn to understand and effectively manage the finances of your child care center.

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