Finance Tools for Child Care Centers

Practical how-to information related to finance.

You are in the business of educating our youngest citizens, not an easy task. The last thing you want to do is make decisions about the future of your center without solid financial information. First Children’s finance tools will support you in your work projecting and analyzing the financial realities of your center.

The Busy Director’s Quick Money Management Checklist

Use this quickmoney management checklist to help you survive and stay strong during tough economic times.

Download The Busy Director’s Quick Money Management Checklist

Analyzing Financial Statements

Whether you are the owner of a for-profit child care business or the executive director of a nonprofit child care center, you are responsible for managing the finances of the organization. This tool will help you know what to look for when reviewing your center’s financial statements.

Download Analyzing Financial Statements

Cost and Breakeven Analysis by Center and by Classroom

Do you know how many children have to be enrolled in each classroom of your center to be profitable? What about the infant room or school-age program? Would adding another classroom make a difference? If you are not sure how to answer these questions, First Children’s Finance can help. We have financial and business management tools designed to assist you with your critical decisions about rates, staffing, marketing, managing expenses, and fundraising. For more information, contact your regional First Children’s Finance office or call us toll free at 1-866-562-6801.

For Profit Center Annual Projection Template

Use this template to create annual projections for your for-profit child care center.

Download For Profit Center Annual Projection Template

Nonprofit Center Annual Budget Template

Use this template to create an annual budget for your nonprofit child care center.

Download Nonprofit Center Annual Budget Template

Center Cash Flow Projection Worksheet

Use this template to create a monthly cash flow projection to make sure you will always have money to pay your bills. Be careful not to overwrite the formulas and the template will do most of your work for you.

Download Center Cash Flow Template

Center Sources and Uses

If you are planning a specific project for your child care center, you can use this form to help you figure out the costs related to the project and identify where the funds are coming from to pay for it.

Download Center Sources and Uses

Glossary of Financial Terms

A brief explanation of several common financial terms.

Download Glossary of Financial Terms


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