Fundraising Tools for Childcare Centers


Just getting started? See Sample Fundraising Plan as you plan and create your fundraising strategy.
Wondering what the ideal mix of grants and contributed support looks like for your center? See Tracking and Projecting Contributed Support.

Sample Fundraising Plan

Whether you are raising funds for general operating support, a scholarship fund or specific projects, start the process by outlining your overall strategy and action plan. Who will you approach, when, and in what way? How much support can you realistically expect from each source? The following is a sample development plan that incorporates individual contributions, foundation grants and fundraising events.
Download Sample Fundraising Plan

Tracking and Projecting Contributed Support

What percentage of your income comes from tuition and fees? How much contributed support does your center need to break even? While the specifics for each center will vary, the ideal is to have a diverse mix of income sources. Just as important is for the center’s board and management to be proactive in determining a realistic and sustainable mix in each year’s budgeting process.

The following template can be used as you budget for your center’s fundraising and contributed support. From what sources did you receive support last year, and from what sources will you receive support this year? Based on this information, what is a realistic projection for next year? Be as specific as possible, and indicate which sources are “confirmed” and which ones are “probable” or “uncertain.”
Download Tracking and Projecting Contributed Support

We recommend that only the totals from the “confirmed” and “probable” columns be transferred to your master budget. If an “uncertain” amount later materializes, that money can be incorporated into an expansion budget, but it should not be depended upon in advance for your overall budget to break even.

Beyond highlighting whether or not budgeted income is enough to meet budgeted expenses, the master budget also allows you to analyze the relative proportion of your various sources of income. What percentage of your income comes from grant support? From special fundraisers? From individual contributions? Again, while the specifics will vary from center to center, the ideal is to have a diverse mix. The more varied your sources of revenue and support, the more resilient your center will be in carrying out its mission.


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