Marketing Tools for Child Care Centers

Practical how-to advice that will increase your business skills related to marketing your center.

The Busy Director’s Quick Marketing Checklist

If you don’t have the time or resources to write a full blown marketing plan, use this quick checklist to make sure you are covering the most important marketing tasks.
Download The Busy Director’s Quick Marketing Checklist

Developing a Marketing Plan for Your Child Care Center

Marketing is much more than advertising. Marketing is about strategically positioning your child care center in the marketplace. Use this marketing plan outline to help you build and maintain enrollment and tell your community about the importance and value of your child care program.
Download The Center Marketing Plan

Who are my toughest competitors?

This easy-to-use competitive analysis worksheet can help you clarify your child care program’s mission and vision and help you figure out what makes your center unique and different from everyone else.
Download The Competitive Analysis Worksheet

Parent Survey

Involving parents and families in the learning process is an essential component to quality early learning. This requires that your center communicates with families on a regular basis. An annual survey is one way to accomplish this. Use the parent survey template to customize a survey to fit your center’s needs.
Download The Parent Survey

Promoting the Benefits of your Child Care Program

Many child care providers can easily list the features of their programs. But they don’t always know how to tell parents in which ways their programs will meet the needs of parents and children. This tool can help you figure out your program’s top benefits to parents and children.
Download Promoting the Benefits


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