Planning Tools for Childcare Centers

Practical how-to advice that will increase your business skills related to planning.


Outline for Center Business Plan

There is no one “standard formula” for writing a business plan.  Your plan will vary depending on the nature of your child care business, your audience, and your purpose for writing a business plan.  However, there are a number of sections that are commonly included.  Some sections are relatively easy to complete – others will require some research.  This business plan outline will get you started on articulating what it is you want and need to accomplish to maintain the center’s vibrancy.
Download Outline for Center Business Plan

Sample Planning Process

To get you started on business planning, check out this tool.  As a sample planning process, you’ll start to see who to get involved at which critical juncture.  The process lays out a logical order of analysis and decision making as you plan for your center’s future.
Download Sample Planning Process


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