Contracts and Policies Tools for Family Child Care

Your written contract and policies are the primary way you establish a business relationship with the parents of the children in your care. Below is a basic contract that you can use as a starting point in creating your own. Use the Parent Interview Form to help you be better organized right from the start. There is also a form to terminate your agreement with a parent and one for parents to evaluate your program. One important policy you should adopt concerns parents transporting their children. The Parent Transportation form will help you make sure you properly handle situations when a parent shows signs of impairment when picking up his/her child or fails to use an appropriate car seat. You may download and use any of the tools in this section for your business.

Basic Contract Sample

This simple contract contains the primary elements of an agreement. There are many free sample contracts posted on the Internet. Before using someone else’s contract make sure it meets your own needs.
Download Basic Contract Sample document

Contract Termination Form

You can use this short form to give parents a formal notice that you are ending your contract.
Download Contract Termination Form document

Parent Evaluation Form

This sample form can help you maintain good communication between you and your clients. We recommend using it once a year and when a parent leaves your program.
Download Parent Evaluation Form document

Parent Interview Form

This sample form will help you keep track of vital information during a parent interview, including references, contact information, and observations.
Download Parent Interview Form document

Parent Transportation Policy

Keeping children safe is your primary responsibility. This policy will ensure that parents safely transport their children to and from your program.
Download Parent Transportation Policy document

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