Marketing Your Family Child Care

Why should parents bring their child to your program?

Ask yourself why parents entrust their children to your care. Your ability to answer this question will determine in large part how successful you will be. You may run a wonderful program, but unless parents know about you, you will struggle to maintain enrollment. Effective marketing is the key.

Marketing is the way you:

  • describe the benefits of your program to families;
  • determine what to charge;
  • communicate to parents about what you offer;
  • stay visible in the community; and
  • reinforce the positive reputation you have worked so hard to build.

Effective marketing contributes to stable enrollments and the number of referrals from satisfied parents. It also positions you for expansion if you decide you want to serve larger numbers of families. Understanding and connecting to your market is not a simple task. First Children’s Finance is here to help.

Learn to market your family child care effectively using these:

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