Marketing Tools for Family Child Care

The marketing tools listed below will help you promote your program whether you are just starting out or have years of experience. Start with either Marketing: Tips and Tools or Developing a Marketing Plan. They both give you an overview of the marketing process. Next, see Promoting the Benefits of Your Child Care Program to help you identify your program’s benefits. If you are an experienced provider, start with Marketing Assessment Checklist to see how well your current marketing activities stack up. You may download and use any of the tools in this section for your business.

Developing a Marketing Plan for Your Family Child Care Business

Use this marketing plan outline to help you build and maintain enrollment and tell your community about the importance and value of your child care program.
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Key Marketing Tactics

A checklist of key tactics for prospective clients, current clients, and past clients
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Marketing Assessment Checklist

A checklist of questions about your past marketing efforts to help you identify what new ideas you may want to try .
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Marketing: Tips and Tools to Guide the Marketing of Your Child Care Organization

This self-study will help you develop a general understanding of a good marketing strategy.
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Parent Contact Form

Use this handy form to track parent inquiries about your program.
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Promoting the Benefits of your Child Care Program

Many child care providers can easily list the features of their programs, but they don’t always know how to tell parents the ways in which their programs will meet the needs of parents and children. This tool can help you figure out your program’s top benefits to parents and children.
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Who are My Toughest Competitors?

This easy-to-use competitive analysis worksheet can help you clarify your child care program’s mission and vision and help you figure out what makes your program unique and different from everyone else.
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