Iowa Business Development Programs

Our business development programs are designed to move successful child care business “to the next level” in their business operations and growth. There have been dozens of child care programs accepted into First Children’s Finance’s Business Development Programs. These participants have reported many improvements to their programs such as increases in quality environments and playgrounds, higher enrollment, improvements in finances, and decreases in staff turnover.

Growth Fund Business Development & Grant Program

This multi-year program designed to move successful childcare businesses “to the next level” in their business operations and growth. Selected businesses develop and implement customized business improvement plans, and receive planning and implementation grants to support their growth. A volunteer board of Growth Fund Advisors – local childcare and business experts – screens applicants and advises participants on their business improvement plans.
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Guided Growth Program

The Guided Growth Program focuses on child care growth and quality. This cohort offers selected child care providers training on business related topics, comprehensive business assistance and peer networking to help them grow and improve their business quality, viability and sustainability, which leads to high-quality child care and education for all young children and families.
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