Minnesota, North & South Dakota Regional Office

First Children’s Finance provides financial and business-development assistance to high-quality child care businesses serving low- and moderate-income families in Minnesota, North and South Dakota. Our regional office is in Minneapolis. Here are the programs we currently offer.

Financial Assistance

First Children’s Finance provides loans and financial technical assistance to family providers and child care centers looking to expand or improve their facilities and programs. The first step is a phone call to Jim Dickinson at (866) 562-6801.

Business Training & Consulting

First Children’s Finance provides trainings and workshops on a variety of business topics, as well as one-on-one consulting for child care businesses. We also provide opportunities for private-sector partners to support local child care providers through our Adopt a Child Care program.

Business Development Programs

First Children’s Finance designs comprehensive business development programs for family providers and child care centers, including our Growth Fund Program.

Community Consulting Projects

First Children’s Finance also provides consulting and planning assistance for government agencies, intermediaries and regional child care organizations. Learn more about our Rural Child Care Innovation Program, designed to develop right-sized solutions to address the needs of child care and early education in rural communities.

Online Resources

First Children’s Finance also provides a wealth of online resources for child care businesses, including information customized for family providers and child care centers:


Meet the Staff

Heidi Hagel Braid, Minnesota Director

612-279-6504 heidihb@firstchildrensfinance.org

Henry Zuo, Business Development Specialist

612-279-6514 henryz@firstchildrensfinance.org

Jessica Beyer, Business Development Manager

320-808-7066 jessica@firstchildrensfinance.org

Joan Berntson, Business Development Specialist

612-279-6539 joanb@firstchildrensfinance.org

Kaltrina Rezniqi, Business Development Specialist

612-279-6503 kaltrina@firstchildrensfinance.org

Kari Stattelman Business Development Specialist

612-279-6521 karis@firstchildrensfinance.org

Mike Dietsch Business Development Manager

612-279-6526 miked@firstchildrensfinance.org

Patricia Welsch, Business Development Specialist

612-223-7207 patriciaw@firstchildrensfinance.org

Shana Ford, Business Development Manager

612-223-7215 shanaf@firstchildrensfinance.org


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