Early Childhood Investments as Economic Development

A Framework for Early Childhood Development Program and Policy Advocacy

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April 2014

Early childhood development (ECD) programs and advocacy groups can help achieve advocacy and fundraising goals by conveying the benefits to ECD investments as economic development. The moral case for investing in early childhood—investing in children is the right thing to do—may not be compelling enough for policymakers and funders to take action. This framework is designed to serve as a guide for ECD programs and advocacy groups to formulate and articulate the economic case for investing in early childhood initiatives.


Rob Grunewald

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota



Camarrah Morgan

Child Care Network

Ann Arbor, Michigan



We appreciate comments about the Framework and learning about how advocates and ECD program staff use the Framework on behalf of young children.

The Framework is a Global Leaders for Young Children project, sponsored by the World Forum Foundation. The mission of Global Leaders for Young Children is to improve the life chances for young children by developing early childhood leaders who can become effective change agents and advocates for quality early childhood development in their home countries and regions. Since 2004, 136 emerging leaders from 54 countries have been provided training, mentoring, and inspiration through their participation in the project.