Sharing expertise; growing successful child care businesses

First Children’s Finance understands the issues and challenges you and other child care businesses face in today’s world. Unlike other groups that help small businesses, we have the industry-specific expertise and shared commitment to the success of child care.

Our consulting services are based on essential child care business components necessary to create and maintain quality, viable and sustainable businesses. Whether you need consultation around day-to-day operations or have to address the strategic future of your business, we have the ability to assess your unique circumstances and work through the decisions with you.

First Children’s consulting services include:

  • Business improvement plan: as your child care business adapts and changes to the needs of your clients, you may find you need advice in a core business area. First Children’s can help you develop a plan to address problem areas and keep your center functioning smoothly.
  • Business assessment: do you get the feeling something isn’t quite on track but you can’t quite put your finger on it? First Children’s has the experience and expertise to assess core business functions and recommend improvement plans to support your child care.
  • Financial assessment: what do your financial reports tell you? Have you looked at recent trends in your revenues and expenses? Do your financial management systems provide you with the tools you need for decision making? A financial assessment will assess and highlight the areas you can improve in the financial management of your child care.
  • Financial position analysis: whether you are the owner of a for-profit or nonprofit business, you are responsible for managing the finances of the organization. By conducting a financial position analysis, a part of a full financial assessment, First Children’s can help you analyze and understand what your financial reports mean.
  • Classroom breakeven analysis: by analyzing each of your classrooms—one by one—we can help you see which are profitable. This business management analysis can help you make critical decisions about rates, staffing, marketing, managing expenses, and fundraising.
  • Board development and governance: does your board of directors understand its roles and responsibilities? Do the board members represent technical expertise you need to function as a nonprofit center? First Children’s can assist by assessing the board operations and designing a plan to develop the board expertise you need.

We also work closely with child care leaders – combining public and private resources – to help develop statewide plans to help child care businesses expand, enhance quality and be successful over the long term.

First Children’s consulting services are currently available in Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota and South Dakota. For more information about First Children’s consulting services contact us at


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