Consultation to Communities

First Children’s Finance has customized consultation services designed to increase child care supply in all types of communities: rural, population centers, and large metropolitan areas. Let us help you think creatively about your community’s expertise and assets.

FCF has expertise in serving the diverse spectrum of child care business operations: specific  tools, curricula, and resources are designed to address the needs and scale of both small family child care businesses and larger child care center operations.

Learn more about how we’ve been able to assist communities in creating child care supply by watching this video and seeing summaries of community projects below.

How We Can Help Your Community

First Children’s Finance is your partner in growing a sustainable child care supply.

We consult with communities to analyze child care supply and need, engage stakeholders, and empower communities to develop, fund, and implement creative, locally-driven solutions. We share new models, such as facility use, licensing reform, local incentives, and creative partnerships. The result is thousands of new child care seats created.


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Our Community Consultation Clients

Lincoln Parish, Lousiana

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Burberry, Michigan

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Newark, New Jersey

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Summer Hills, Ohio

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