Community Consultations

First Children’s Finance has customized consultation services designed to increase child care supply in all types of communities: rural, population centers, and large metropolitan areas. Let us help you think creatively about your community’s expertise and assets.

FCF has expertise in serving the diverse spectrum of child care business operations: specific  tools, curricula, and resources are designed to address the needs and scale of both small family child care businesses and larger child care center operations.

Business Consulting

Individualized consulting services focus on the essential business components necessary to create and maintain high-quality child care businesses. Consulting can address day-to-day operations or create a strategic future for a business. FCF can assess an entrepreneur’s unique circumstances and provide resources and recommendations.

Why First Children’s Finance

Throughout our long history we have been know to provide some of the best training, operational instruction, and strategic planning in out field. Working with the largest of organizations to the smallest we can work to ensure you can be the best provider of child care possible to your community.

We asses the day to day operations of you facility or home and craft a strategic plan to grow your supply of care of simply increase the quality of care you give currently using our resources.



Consultation Services

Child Care Supply Analysis

Strategic Supply Plan for Communities

Recommendation of Sustainable Child Care Business Models

Guidance for Public-Private Partnerships to Build and Maintain Supply

Technical Expertise on Local Policy and Financial Incentives

Child Care Market Analysis with Strategic Plan

Community Conversations

Community Conversations for Early Childhood Entrepreneurs – a peer networking and resource group for entrepreneurs of color who currently own a child care business or are interested in starting a new child care business.

Cohorts are available for every type and size or child care business, from start up businesses to cohorts designed to improve specific business improvement areas. Cohorts may also focus on a specific issue: increasing teacher compensation, expansion of a business, or creating a comprehensive marketing plan.


Public-Private Partnerships

First Children’s Finance wants to help you connect with the resources to make your community flourish. This is done through Public and Private partnerships with local government or companies to help bring new studies and ideas on how to increase the supply of childcare within your area. The creation of programs and training through these partnerships help set the building blocks for communities as they address their child care needs.

Local Policy and Financial Incentives

Strategic Supply Plan Communities

Lincoln Parish, Lousiana

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Burberry, Michigan

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Newark, New Jersey

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Summer Hills, Ohio

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