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Customized Consultation and Projects

Helping State Systems Address the Business Needs of Child Care

Just like parents and communities, state systems are reliant on a supply of quality child care. Due to the “non-system” of child care, state agency leaders struggle to identify strategies that sustain child care businesses.

If you’re concerned about a dwindling supply of family child care across your state, or you know there’s not enough culturally relevant care to meet the needs of families, let us help you create a plan to comprehensively address the needs of child care businesses in your state.

Our System Consultation Work

Our work spans from strengthening individual child care businesses, to consulting on regional and state efforts to grow supply, to championing national initiatives and policies that support child care as an essential component of public infrastructure and a smart, strategic investment.

We value, center, and unify the economic, educational, and cultural assets and needs of children, families, child care business owners and employees, and local communities and we dismantle racial, gender, and other inequities through our work.

First Children’s Finance has the expertise and capacity to assist your state system. Utilizing our ECE Business Ecosystem Framework, states are able to develop comprehensive strategies to address their unique issues.


Innovative Licensing: Infinite Possibilities to Grow the Child Care Supply

Child care licensing innovations hold great promise as a strategy states, territories, and tribes can use to effectively build the supply of child care. First Children’s Finance’s Innovative Licensing Memo outlines innovations that can encourage entrepreneurship and remove barriers of new child care businesses launching.

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First Children’s Finance Innovative Licensing

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