Mission and Vision

What We Do

First Children’s Finance grows the supply and business sustainability of excellent child care.

We help children, families and communities thrive by increasing the availability, affordability and quality of early care and education.

We accomplish this by providing financial and business development assistance to child care businesses serving low- and moderate-income families, and building partnerships that connect these vital businesses with the resources of the public and private sectors.


Why It Matters

Quality Care Drives Economic Growth

Access to high-quality early care and education is essential for all children, families and communities, because human capital development is the foundation of individual success and the engine of regional economic growth.

Working parents cannot access and maintain productive employment today without access to affordable, high-quality care and education for their children.

Tomorrow’s workforce will not be prepared to compete and succeed in the global economy unless all children receive excellent child care and education today.

This is why First Children’s Finance works to increase the availability, affordability and quality of early care and education throughout the United States, by financing childcare facilities and operations, and helping child care entrepreneurs manage their businesses more effectively.


Best Deal in Town: The Return on Investment

The return on investment for public and private investment in early care and education has been analyzed in a variety of credible, longitudinal studies. Access to quality early learning experiences impacts individuals and families, but also provides long-term benefits to communities. A robust supply of child care enables community health and vibrant regional economy.