Mission and Vision

What We Do

First Children’s Finance is the only national organization focused exclusively on a sustainable child care supply. Our mission is to grow the supply and business sustainability of excellent child care.

We help children, families and communities thrive by increasing the availability, affordability and quality of early care and education.

We accomplish this by providing financial and business development assistance to child care businesses serving low- and moderate-income families, and building partnerships that connect these vital businesses with the resources of the public and private sectors.


We’re Focused on Solutions

The Challenge

Although excellent child care is an essential part of every community, it operates largely without public support or infrastructure. It allows parents to pursue careers, attracts companies to a region, allowing them to grow and benefit from a stable workforce, and prepares child for a lifetime of educational and civic success.

Yet, communities across the U.S. face an alarming and untenable lack of child care – which has been dramatically exacerbated by the pandemic.

The Solution

We can solve this crisis by ensuring a sustainable supply of excellent child care that:

  • Meets the practical, financial, educational, and cultural needs of local children and families;
  • Enhances the local economy, community vitality, and civic life; and
  • Provides child care business owners and staff with a viable business model, career pathways, livable wages, and valuation of their skills.

Child care subsidies and quality ratings are essential – but they only work if child care is plentiful, accessible, and meets local needs.

First Children’s Finance is unique in our exclusive focus on growing a sustainable child care supply. Our work benefits families, children, workers, employers, communities and economies.

We also recognize child care business owners – predominantly women of color – as skilled entrepreneurs fueling a $99 billion industry. Strengthening and investing in this workforce sector can significantly narrow racial wealth and income gaps, while giving all children a healthy start.