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Child care is critical to the health of communities

Child care impacts more than children and their parents. Child care is central to community health, and a robust economy relies on the availability of excellent child care. Although child care supply is important to every community, it operates largely without public support and public infrastructure. First Children’s Finance partners with communities¬† using local policy, local assets and local funding to create a robust supply of child care.

If you know child care is a problem your community needs to address, but you’re not sure where to begin, let us help you identify community-generated solutions.


First Children’s Finance provides customized consultation and variety of programs and services designed to assist communities to increase the supply of child care. Whether you represent a rural community or a large metropolitan area, we have innovative solutions to help you build the child care supply your community needs.

Consulting Services

First Children’s Finance can provide your community with customized consultation to analyze the supply of child care slots, to create community-based solutions, conduct feasibility studies of planned development, and develop strategic child care supply plans.