National Headquarters Minneapolis

First Children’s Finance has claimed downtown Minneapolis as our home for three decades. Our national headquarters houses our  organization’s Leadership Team, Loan Fund Team, and our National Team.

Meet Our National Team

Jerry Cutts

President & Chief Executive Officer
Direct: 612-279-6509

Heidi Hagel Braid

Chief Program Officer

Vanessa Garcia

Chief Financial Officer

Ben Nicholie

Chief Operating Officer
Direct: 612-279-6528

Cheyenne McGregor

Chief Advancement Officer

Ericka Warmack

Director of National Lending
Direct: 612-294-0083

Judith Aminmentse

Human Resources Manager
Direct: 612-473-1310

Nellie Anderson

Computer Systems Analyst
Direct: 612-416-5823

Amy Arena

Business Development Specialist – National
Direct: 612-445-0360

Casey Bailey

Business Development Specialist - National

Joan Berntson

Senior Business Development Specialist - Loan Fund
Direct: 612-279-6539

Lynda Duncan

Portfolio Manager
Direct: 612-279-6514

Taijha Harden

State Systems Coordinator
Direct: 612-294-0041

Darra Jackson

Child Care Systems Analyst
Direct: 612-473-1314

Brielle Kenney

Business Development Specialist - National
Direct: 612-439-9274

Grace López

Program Assistant - National
Direct: 612-279-6527

Nic Ludwig

Direct: 612-294-0013

Anne McSweeney

Director of National Initiatives
Direct: 612-294-0038

Ellen Nikodym

Systems Coordinator
Direct: 612-473-9797

Jennifer Paulsen

Business Development Specialist - National

Laura Riley

Operations Administrator
Direct: 612-279-6512

Kaitlin Rhoades

Child Care Systems Coordinator - National

Amy Metoyer-Roberson

Business Development Specialist - National
Direct: 612-488-4595

Charles A. Robinson II

Communications Associate
Direct: 612-699-4640

Angie De Los Santos

Business Development Specialist - National

Kari Stattelman

Director of Consulting
Direct: 612-279-6521