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State Agencies

First Children’s Finance invites local governments to help us create loan programs to childcare businesses in severe low-moderate income families. We serve diverse, underserved communities such as, African American, Somali, Latino, and Native American communities

Working with Local Government


First Children’s Finance partners with local government in order to create programs that help create and expand access to affordable child care. We do this through creating innovative micro loaning programs that allow child care businesses to expand capacity within their local communities.

Partnering with Local Government

Throughout our 30 years of service we have partnered with states all throughout the U.S to bring affordable funding via customized low-interest loans, forgivable loans, and capital grants to business owners often unable to access capital from traditional institutions.

We create these programs through the use of Market Rate Studies of the state ensuring we meet the capital needs to create high quality child care in local communities. We then partner with a local states Department of Education to set these standards. FCF currently provides child care lending services in 10 states. In order to expand lending activities to Louisiana, FCF would have to become an approved lender recognized by the state.



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