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We build stronger child care businesses and better communities. We help start, sustain and grow child care businesses by providing business resources and access to capital.  

Our work is done in partnership with the State of Vermont, Let’s Grow Kids and other statewide agencies. 

Business Resources are offered at no charge to child care businesses. We deliver expert consulting, training and business resources to Vermont child care entrepreneurs.  

Access to Capital is needed to develop more child care access in Vermont. We provide access to capital through grants and project planning.  Coming soon, we will offer First Children Finance’s loan program to child care entrepreneurs in Vermont.  


You can also find more information on the Child Care Contribution at:

Sustainable Child Care = Strong Communities

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Business Training

State of Vermont’s Child Care Industry 

Shared Services Vermont 

Have questions about business planning or need funds for a startup or expansion? Email us at

 Questions about your business operations or your budget? Email us at

State of Vermont Child Care Business Survey

We use these survey results to inform our future programs and leaders of state and non-profit agencies. You can download the slides from this presentation HERE.

This video will show more about the business of child care in Vermont in 2024.


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First Children’s Finance has a variety of programs to meet your needs. Every interaction with our staff is designed to increase your capacity to manage the financial operations of your program and to build a sustainable future for your business.

If you’re looking to start, improve or expand your business, we have a range of programs and services specifically designed for you.


First Children’s Finance is here to help!

Erin Roche

Vermont Director
Direct: 802-341-0368

deb Whitney Grennon

Business Development Specialist - Vermont
Direct: 802-341-0268

Rose Morrison

Business Development Specialist - Vermont
Direct: 802-341-0589

Cathy Reitz

Senior Grants Specialist - Vermont
Direct: 802-341-4788

Jennifer Severance

Business Development Manager – Vermont
Direct: 802-341-0338

Tess Weafer

Program Specialist - Vermont
Direct: 802-341-8935