You didn’t get into child care because of your background in finance. Luckily, we did. At First Children’s Finance, we understand the complexities of owning and operating a child care business. You hold tiny hands every day, and run your business on even tinier profit margins. We know you want the best for your kids. We also know that quality comes at a cost. If the thought of expansion, remodeling or taking on major change in your business feels daunting, let us help.

FCF Loan Fund Facts

  • FCF has loaned more than $11 million to child care businesses.
  • This has resulted in more than 5,000 new child care spaces and more than 700 new jobs.
  • On average, every $1 of FCF lending leverages $3.50 in financing from other sources. This includes 29 banks and other organizations that are FCF’s financial partners.

Child care is the small business with big impact. We know how dedicated you are to the growth of the children in your care. At First Children’s Finance, we feel the same way about the growth of your business. Thriving child care businesses develop healthy children, support working parents, and foster economic development.
Loan Information for Family Child Care Providers
Loan Information for Child Care Centers
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