Our Michigan team was founded in 2008 to serve the needs of child care businesses in the Detroit. The team has a deep understanding of the importance of early care and education’s impact on underserved communities, and has provided critical support to business owners in Southeastern Michigan.

Since 2008, the team and its work has grown to serve the entire state, providing support to family child care entrepreneurs and child care center business leaders in every corner of Michigan. Whether you’re business is just launching, or you have been in business for decades, our team has tools, resources and expertise to bring your business to its next phase of growth.



What Our Michigan Clients Are Saying

“Being in the Business Leadership Cohort was equivalent to several business college courses. It  prompted my initiative to build our business plan. Breaking down the business plan simplified the process and eliminated the overwhelming aspect.

I particularly liked the break down of sessions because it allowed me, as a business owner,  the time to absorb the information and apply it effectively. Overall, the training was beneficial because it allowed me to organize things. The fact that all business scenarios and material was directed toward early child care truly simplified things because we knew exactly where to apply the information. That eliminated that gray area. I really appreciate the cohort and I truly appreciate the FCF staff because her wealth of knowledge and delivery is an essential part of why this cohort was beneficial!”

LaShawn Bridges, Child Care Entrepreneur, Blessed Beginnings


Blessed Beginnings Increases Financial Stability

For 5 years, Matrix Human Services received a federally funded grant to assist over 360 low to moderate income children and families within the city of Detroit by assisting and empowering center and family based child care providers through an Early Head Start Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) for the next 5 years. Through this project, First Children’s Finance Michigan led a tailored project designed to engage the providers in child care business best practices, financial management and support to implement solutions to potential problems.
Success Story


Partner with us and take immediate steps towards achieving:

  • financial growth and stability,
  • an efficient and rewarding workplace for you and your staff, and
  • care that’s tailored to the needs of local families, employers, and your community.

We can help you to develop:

  • Business Practices & Policies
  • Facilities Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Managing Enrollment
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Program Planning & Evaluation
  • Staff Training & Professional Development
  • Systems Compliance
  • Board Governance (for nonprofits only)
  • Fund Development (for nonprofits only)

Meet Our Regional Team

James Henderson

Michigan Director
Direct: 612-279-6523

Jaime Odister

Business Development Specialist - Michigan
Direct: 612-279-6513

Jessica Ossiff

Business Development Specialist - Michigan
Direct: 612-464-5090

Melissa Rejc

Business Development Specialist - Michigan
Direct: 612-294-0082

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