Minnesota Regional Office

FCF’s Minnesota team is co-located in our national headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. As the oldest state office, the Minnesota team has developed alongside the national vision for our organization. Programs and services have been continuously been offered across Minnesota since our founding in 1991.

Today, Minnesota’s team members can be found in every region of the state, serving child care business clients and communities in rural areas, population centers and the Twin Cities metro area. Although the need for excellent child care exists in every community, the Minnesota team recognizes the need for a diversity of approaches to serve rural child care businesses, BIPOC entrepreneurs, and community partners.

Featured Success Story

FCF’s Minnesota team has been focusing on building sustainable supply of child care across Greater Minnesota. Read more to learn about how our efforts are helping to stabilize child care businesses in Wadena County.

FCF Impacts Wadena County Child Care Supply

The Economic Alliance highlights the important role of the Rural Child Care Innovation Program to Wadena County.
Success Story
new child care slots created in 2020
child care jobs created or preserved in 2020
MN participants in business training during the pandemic

How we can help

Partner with us and take immediate steps towards achieving:

  • financial growth and stability,
  • an efficient and rewarding workplace for you and your staff, and
  • care that’s tailored to the needs of local families, employers, and your community.
Our Areas of Expertise
  • Business Practices & Policies
  • Facilities Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Managing Enrollment
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Program Planning & Evaluation
  • Staff Training & Professional Development
  • Systems Compliance
  • Board Governance (for nonprofits only)
  • Fund Development (for nonprofits only)

Meet Our Regional Team

Suzanne Pearl

Minnesota Director
Direct: 612-223-7215

Jessica Beyer

Business Development Manager - Minnesota
Direct: 320-808-7066

Joan Berntson

Business Development Specialist - Minnesota
Direct: 612-279-6539

Tiffany Grant

Business Development Manager - Minnesota
Direct: 612-279-6503

Mark Hanson

Economic Development Consultant - Minnesota
Direct: 612-223-7239

Trinette Potts

Business Development Specialist - Minnesota
Direct: 612-223-7223

Kari Stattelman

Business Development Consultant
Direct: 612-279-6521

Teri Steckelberg

Business Development Manager - Minnesota
Direct: 612-279-6526

Patricia Welsch

Business Development Specialist - Minnesota
Direct: 612-223-7207
Mobile: 218-750-4413

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Minnesota Regional Office

212 North Third Avenue, Suite 310
Minneapolis MN 55401